At Camp Telaphiba we provide innovative, expert instruction and mentorship from instructors from across the country.


Campers will take 4 to 6 dance classes each day in the styles of  Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Musical Theater and Improv. Every dancer takes class in every style. Dancers will get to take a technique class AND a combination class for each style, to get a well rounded dance experience.

ALL levels are welcome at Camp Telaphiba. Upon registration, YOU will choose your dancer’s level allowing them to have the best experience possible while at camp.


We also have a Night Under the Stars Showcase on the final night of camp where campers perform the material they learned in classes and the routines they created in their small dance crews throughout their summer camp stay. This is a FUN night that we invite family and friends to either in person or LIVE on social media.


Aside from our dance classes, dancers will be put into groups to create a unique routine and perform it at the end of camp. Each CREW will choose a style, a song and a prop out of a hat and must work together to create their routine. Instructors supervise as mentors but are not allowed to help with the creative process. We LOVE seeing what campers come up with at the end of camp.


The environment at Camp is totally inviting, encouraging and supportive. All campers share their love of dance with each other. We provide welcoming, non-judgemental, non-competitive performing opportunities for campers while they are here.

Nightly, we have campers share material from home such as solos, duos, trios or group numbers that have registered (NO COST) to do so prior to coming to camp. This allows campers to see what others are doing all over the country. This is not required at all but many take advantage of the fun.


Campers also get to participate in other activities each day included in their camp tuition. The Rocky Mountains of Colorado are FULL of beauty and fun.

Included activities:

  • hiking

  • swimming

  • summer tubing

  • roller skating

  • campfires with s'mores

  • downtime in bunk rooms to get to know each other

  • fun bonding games with counselors

Premium activities:

During registration and leading up to camp, for a small fee, you can ADD the following for an even GREATER experience! Premium activities cost between $15 and $25, depending on the activity.

  • Zip-lining

  • High challenge ropes courses

  • Archery

  • Canoeing



During registration, YOU tell us how much dance and other activities you would like to participate in.

Each night, the staff delivers individual schedules to each dancer to ensure their ultimate happiness for the next day.

The staff customizes those schedules with thoughtfulness and expertise.

View a sample schedule here:



Bedding and towels provided.

Campers receive wake up and lights out visits from staff.

Campers are expected to leave there cell phones at home. They will have access to the camp phone if they need to reach home.

Upon registration campers can request bunkmates. We will honor at least one of your requests. Regardless, campers will always room with other campers who are their same age.

Campers sleep in a lodge building in bunk rooms.

Bunk rooms open only to a hallway, not to the exterior of the building.

Counselor staff are in rooms interspersed among camper rooms. If your camper has never been away from home, you can assure them that Camp Telaphiba staff, while in separate rooms, are available 24/7 for whatever they might need.

Each bunk room sleeps 5 to 6 with bunk beds and a queen bed as well as it’s own bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.


We are super active at Camp T, so we make sure that campers are well-fed and hydrated properly while they are with us. Campers are provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. The cafeteria provides well-balanced meal options for every meal with: hot & cold options for even the finickiest eater (protein, fruits and vegetables, grain, dairy, juices and desserts)

Labels on everything that may have a potential allergen present: (ex. gluten, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy) Customizable meals for severe allergies. Campers can also BRING snack from home (no nuts please) OR at registration you can purchase nightly snacks for a small fee that we provide for them.

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