How This All Began…

Hi! I’m Lisa Pevateaux, the founder of Camp Telaphiba and I thought it might be a good idea to tell you why I created camp in the first place. I tell the story at camp but parents and family members aren’t there so here goes. 

I grew up raised by a single father who didn’t know what extracurricular activities were so I found dancing very late in my childhood at age 15. BUT, when I found it…...I discovered I LOVED it! I received a scholarship to an intensive program where I danced 4-5 hours every weekday and all day on Saturdays. Very quickly I got into the competitive scene and performances. Twice a year,  I went to Los Angeles to train with the best in the industry to even further my education. Did I mention that I LOVE dance?

When I turned 17, I decided to go to an overnight dance camp. I was really excited about it and LOVED my experience but on Day 2, I received a phone call from my Dad telling me that I had to come home because my Grandfather had passed away. I was devastated.  I was very close to him. 

Now, I tell you this not because I want you to feel sad but because after all of those years of incredible dance experiences, the one that continues to stand out in my mind as the most positive was that time at camp. Beyond all of the classes, competitions, performances, and such… is the standout!

I have owned and operated three dance studios in the last 17 years and LOVE the work that is done there but just a few years into studio ownership, I always had that camp experience in the back of my mind. 

In 2015, I closed one of my studio locations and realized it was time to fulfill my dream of opening a dance camp where children from all over the country and the world could create the lifetime memories like I had when I went to camp. What was important to me was the “feeling” of camp. I wanted kids to have a baseline of AMAZING dance classes but I wanted them to feel “seen”. I wanted them to be INCLUDED in a COMMUNITY! I wanted to share MY ABSOLUTE LOVE OF DANCE and my beautiful Rocky Mountain backyard. I wanted dancers to get a break to breathe in open, fresh air but still be able to talk about being kids and also dance :) I wanted to provide high quality instruction but also wanted those instructors to be loving, nurturing, role models that kids could look up to and want to be like. I wanted kids to FEEL how much LOVE and ATTENTION goes into our programming for dance and all of our other activities. I wanted to have an IMPACT on the staff and the kids that they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Every day, I think of ways to make Camp Telaphiba the very best it can be! I want camp to be innovative in every way to provide the most unique summer experience. I want kids to “feel” like I felt at camp. 

As we head into our 6th year of camps in 2020, we have impacted hundreds of dancers and staff and studio chaperones in a positive way. I have no doubt that we have provided an experience like no other and that our campers go home stronger than when they came. I also think they have gained a “place” in another community that is supportive and loving. I LOVE that campers can’t wait to come back year after year. I am honored to call Camp Telaphiba a summer HOME for kids away from HOME!!! I am dedicated to continuing to provide the VERY BEST that we can!! Thank you for bringing my dream into reality every time you send your child to camp with us! I am forever grateful!!

Gabby Bresler